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Heavy-Duty Carpet Spot Remover, 20 oz. Aerosol Can

Misty® Heavy-Duty Carpet Spot Remover

Cleans and degreases localized stains and spots on carpet.

Specially formulated carpet spot remover for localized stains and spots.

Removes a variety of tough stains, including tar, red wine, and coffee.

Item Code: AMR1001611

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes 12 20-ounce aerosol cans per case.)

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Redi-Steam Carpet Cleaner, Pleasant Scent, 1gal Bottle, 4/Carton

Odor counteractant keeps area smelling fresh.

Effectively cleans water-soluble soils and oil-based matter such as grease and oils.

Concentrated, low-foaming shampoo for carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Use with cold- or hot-water extraction machines or steam cleaning units.

Item Code: AMR1038771

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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EDF-3 Carpet Cleaner Defoamer, 1 gal. Bottle, 4/Carton

Water-based silicone formula works to suppress foam.

For use in all types of hot or cold aqueous systems.

Concentrated formula; dilution varies.

Water-based, foam-suppressing silicone formula.

Item Code: AMR1038773

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes four 1-gallon bottles per carton)

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Carpet Pre-Spotter, Citrus Scent, 20 PAK-ITs/Jar

Create a RTU carpet pre-spotter in under two minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional carpet pre-treaters.

PAK-IT® Carpet Pre-Spotter

Pre-measured portion PAK-It®s create Carpet Pre-Spotter to treat stained carpets and rugs.

Carpet pre-spotter.

Item Code: BIG596420002240

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Carpet Pre-Spotter, Citrus Scent, 100 PAK-ITs/Tub

Safe and effective formula to use on both natural and synthetic carpet fibers to treat food, pet, dirt, grease and other tough stains.

Create a RTU carpet pre-spotter in under two minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional carpet pre-treaters.

No need to cut, tear or open—simply drop 2 PAK-It®s into it's matching color-coded quart trigger spray bottle and add water!

Carpet pre-spotter.

Item Code: BIG596420003400

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Fabric Spot Remover, 20 PAK-ITs/Jar

Color coded chemical pouches and color coded spray bottles.

Reusable bottles reduce waste disposal costs and landfill dependency.

Fabric spot remover.

No need to cut, tear or open—simply drop 2 PAK-It®s into it's matching color-coded quart trigger spray bottle and add water!

Item Code: BIG597420002240

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Arm & Hammer

Deodorizing Carpet Cleaning Powder, Fresh, 30 oz

Pleasant fragrance.

OxiClean dirt-fighters.

Carpet cleaning powder.

Absorbs odors and helps clean deeper.

Item Code: CDC3320011538

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Protein Spotter, Fresh Scent, 32 oz Bottle, 6/Carton

Mild scent.

Diversey™ Protein Spotter

Powerful formula for removing organic spots from carpeting, including vomit and urine.

Formula for removing organic spots, including vomit and urine.

Item Code: DVO5002611

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes six bottles)

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Carpet Extraction Rinse, Floral Scent, 1 gal Bottle, 4/Carton

Diversey™ Carpet Extraction Rinse

Clear, low foam formula.

Carpet extraction rinse.

Safe on all types of carpet, including wool.

Item Code: DVO903730

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes four bottles)

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Carpet Extraction Cleaner, Floral Scent, Liquid, 1 gal Container, 4/Carton

Low-foam formula works well with high-pressure extractors.

Resists resoiling and contains no optical brighteners.

Use as a prespray, bonnet buff or extraction cleaner.

Extraction carpet cleaner for use on all synthetic carpets.

Item Code: DVO903844

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes four containers carpet extraction cleaner)

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General Purpose Spotter, Floral Scent, Liquid, 1 qt. Squeeze Bottle

Safe on all carpets, including wool.

Ready-to-use solution.

Leaves no tacky residue; no resoiling.

All-purpose spot remover for carpets.

Item Code: DVO904192

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes 12 1-quart bottles per case.)

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Carpet Cleanser Heavy-Duty Prespray, 1gal Bottle, Fruity Scent, 4/Carton

Safe for all carpet types.

pH neutral.

Soil-repellent additive.

Deep-down, thorough carpet cleaning.

Item Code: DVO904266

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes four bottles of carpet cleanser)

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Paint, Oil and Grease Spotter Gel, Fruity Scent, 32 oz Squeeze Bottle, 6/Carton

Removes shoe polish stains.

Cleans asphalt and tar stains.

Removes difficult stains like paint, oil, grease, tar, makeup and ink.

Diversey™ Paint, Oil and Grease Spotter Gel

Item Code: DVO913888

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Citrus Express Gel Spotter, Citrus Scent, 32 oz Squeeze Bottle, 6/Carton

Pleasant scent.

Ready to use formula.

Removes solvent-based spots without damaging carpet.

Gelled solvent cleanser and spotter.

Item Code: DVO95002523

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Red Juice Stain Remover, 32 oz, Bottle, 6 Bottles/Carton

Not wool safe.

Effective on chocolate, gravy, ice cream, grease and mustard.

Can be used for cold or hot transfer stain removal.

Colorless with a mild scent.

Item Code: DVO95002540

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Defoamer/Carpet Cleaner, Cream, Bland Scent, 32 oz Squeeze Bottle

Defoamer for carpet cleaning applications.

Eliminates frequent emptying of recovery tanks.

Works in hoses, tools and recovery tanks.

Mild scent.

Item Code: DVO95002620

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Carpet Shampoo, Floral, 1gal Bottle, 4/Carton

Safe on all carpets, including wool.

Leaves no tacky residue.

Works with rotary and dry-foam cleaning processes.

Diversey™ Carpet Shampoo

Item Code: DVO95002689

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Bonnet Buff, Unscented 1 gal Bottle, 4 Bottles/Carton

Solution and soil wick to the carpet surface.

Unique blend of polymer and solvent cleansers.

Bonnet buff cleaning of traffic lanes or other highly soiled carpets.

For heavily soiled carpets.

Item Code: DVO95002700

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes four bottles)

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Electrolux Sanitaire

Butler 3-Gallon Carpet Extractor 6092A, 3.5 gal Tank, Red/Black, 35 ft Cord

Perfect for cleaning everything from small spills to entire rooms.

All three motors have separate switches.

Solution flow is controlled by the handle-mounted lever.

Both filters are easy to access and clean.

Item Code: EUR6092A

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Franklin Cleaning Technology

HyperOx Stain Remover RTU, 32oz Bottle

Biodegradable surfactants and hydrogen peroxide foam penetrate stain, and activated oxygen dissolves it.

Suitable for all hard surfaces and most carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Removes tough, set-in stains from food, dirt, grass, coffee, tea, juice, ink, pet and organic sources.

Instant, "on the spot" stain removal.

Item Code: FKLF062312

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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