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Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm Unit, 9V, 85db Alarm, 3 7/8" dia

Kidde Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm Unit 0914E

Test button allows you to quickly check unit's circuitry, horn and battery status.

Chirp-style low-battery indicator.

Red power-status LED.

Item Code: KID0914E

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Front-Load Smoke Alarm w/Mounting Bracket, Hush Feature

Kidde Front Load Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm

Safeguard your property.

Front-load smoke alarm with tamper-resistant lock.

Front-loading battery door means you can change batteries without removing alarm from mounting bracket.

Item Code: KID09769997

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Bedroom Smoke Alarm w/Voice Alarm, Lithium Battery, 5.22"Dia x 1.6"Depth

Kidde Bedroom Sealed Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm with Voice Alarm

Unit with voice alarm announces "Fire! Fire!" in addition to loud beeps.

Smoke alarm with battery that lasts ten years.

Sealed-in lithium power supply lasts entire ten-year life of the alarm.

Item Code: KID21010067

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Kitchen Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Lithium Battery, 5.22"Dia x 1.6"Depth

Kidde Kitchen Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Sealed Battery Alarm

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

Combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector with sealed lithium battery.

Sealed-in lithium power supply lasts entire ten-year life of the alarm.

Item Code: KID21010071

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Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Lithium Battery, 4.5"W x 2.75"H x 1.5"D

Kidde Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Sealed-in lithium battery requires no replacement over ten-year lifespan.

Sealed-battery carbon monoxide alarm.

Easy to install; self-activating.

Item Code: KID21010073

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Night Hawk Combination Smoke/CO Alarm w/Voice/Alarm Warning

Kidde Night Hawk® Combination Smoke/CO Alarm with Voice & Alarm Warning

Warnings spoken in loud-volume voice: “Fire, Fire!” or “Warning! Carbon Monoxide!”.

Battery-powered combination smoke/CO alarm with voice and alarm warning.

Announces “Low Battery” when batteries need changing.

Item Code: KID9000102

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