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Heavy-Duty Wide Aluminum Straight Edge, 96"

Sturdy aluminum stands up to heavy use.

Empire® Aluminum Straight Edge 4008

Easy to read.

Gradations marked on both edges.

Item Code: EML4008

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Precision Stainless Steel Ruler, Standard/Metric, 6 in

Ultra fine black graduations.

Standard and metric scales.

Convenient pocket clip.

Stainless steel ruler with pocket clip.

Item Code: GTI3001

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Red End Engineer's Ruler, 6ft, Folding, Wood

Decimal points on engineers scale prevent reading errors.

Regular outside markings in feet, inches and 1/16ths.

Graduated in millimeters and feet, 1/10ths and 1/100ths.

Red foot figures.

Item Code: LUF1066DN

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Fiberglass Folding Rule, 6ft

No. 1602 is graduated on one side in millimeters with red markings every 10 cm, reverse side reads in inches.

RIDGID® Fiberglass Folding Rule 73365

Precision made of flexible heavy-duty fiberglass with embedded, easy-to-read boldface figures and graduations with 16" stud marks and positive locking joints.

Item Code: RID73365

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