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Stanley Tools

Combination Square, Steel, 12", Yellow/Chrome

Durable, die-cast handle.

Built-in scriber.

Rust-resistant blade.

Chrome-plated combination square.

Item Code: BOS46123

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Stanley Tools

Combination Square, 16" Blade

Brass hardware.

Durable etched, hard chrome plated blades.

Rust-resistant for blade longevity.

Scriber for easily marking surfaces.

Item Code: BOS46131

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Polysteel T-Bevel Square, Adjustable 9" Blade, Black/Steel

Recessed grip.

Durable Polycast® handle.

Low-profile locking nut.

Polysteel™ T-bevel square.

Item Code: EML130

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Aluminum Straight Edge, 48", Heavy-Duty

Gradations marked on both edges.

Sturdy aluminum stands up to heavy use.

Empire® Aluminum Straight Edge 4004

Easy to read.

Item Code: EML4004

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Heavy-Duty Wide Aluminum Straight Edge, 96"

Sturdy aluminum stands up to heavy use.

Gradations marked on both edges.

Easy to read.

Empire® Aluminum Straight Edge 4008

Item Code: EML4008

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Professional Drywall T-Square

Anodized aluminum construction.

Permanently fixed joint between blade and head.

Professional grade.

Empire® T-Square 418-48

Item Code: EML41848

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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6 in. Pocket Combo Square

Permanently marked graduations for years of service.

Self-aligning draw bolt, hardened scriber with heavy-duty machined square head.

Stainless steel blade with matte finish that will never rust or corrode.

True Blue vial guarantees accuracy within 0.00050 in. for maximum precision.

Item Code: EMLE255

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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True Blue Combination Square, 16" Blade, 1/16" Graduations, Steel/Black

Hardened scriber.

Permanently etched stainless steel blade.

Self-aligning drawbolt.

True Blue® level vial.

Item Code: EMLE280

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Precision Stainless Steel Ruler, Standard/Metric, 6 in

Standard and metric scales.

Convenient pocket clip.

Ultra fine black graduations.

Stainless steel ruler with pocket clip.

Item Code: GTI3001

Pack/UOM: EA (Includes one ruler.)

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Red End Engineer's Ruler, 6ft, Folding, Wood

Decimal points on engineers scale prevent reading errors.

Regular outside markings in feet, inches and 1/16ths.

Lufkin® Red End® Engineer's Ruler 1066D

Graduated in millimeters and feet, 1/10ths and 1/100ths.

Item Code: LUF1066DN

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Fiberglass Folding Rule, 6ft

RIDGID® Fiberglass Folding Rule 73365

Precision made of flexible heavy-duty fiberglass with embedded, easy-to-read boldface figures and graduations with 16" stud marks and positive locking joints.

No. 1602 is graduated on one side in millimeters with red markings every 10 cm, reverse side reads in inches.

Item Code: RID73365

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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