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Grease-Proof Quilon Pan Liners, 16 3/8 x 24 3/8, Natural, 1000 Sheets/Carton

Flat-pack storage box.

Grease-proof, quilon surface-treated pan liners.

May be used more than once.

Grease- and chromium-free, easy-release quilon surface treatment.

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EcoCraft Bake 'N' Reuse Pan Liner, 16 3/8 x 24 3/8, 1000/Box

Bagcraft EcoCraft® Bake 'N' Reuse Pan Liner

Convenient dispenser box.

Good for up to four uses per sheet (at 400° to 425°F).

Unbleached, grease-resistant paper.

Item Code: BGC030010

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Green ProductContains Recycled Material
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Silicone Parchment Pizza Baking Liner, 12 x 12, 1,000/Carton

Silicone parchment liners are designed for medium to high temperature baking.

Also great for other high temperature baking.

Excellent for use as baking liner or pizza box liner.

Grease-proof, with superior release.

Item Code: BGC034013

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Greaseproof Liftoff Pan Liners, 16 3/8 x 24 3/8, White

Withstands moderate oven temperatures of up to 400 degrees.

Reduces clean-up costs.

Greaseproof paper keeps baked goods from coming into contact with pans.

Greaseproof single-use pan liners.

Item Code: DXELO10

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25 lb Standard Release Panliner, 24 3/8" X 16 3/8", 1000/Carton

Make baking simple and easy.

Quilon-coated paper pan liners.

Prevent baked goods from sticking to pan.

Reduce cleanup time.


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