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Economy Silicone Spray Lubricant, Aerosol Can, 11oz, 12/Carton

Restores plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces.

Odorless, nonstaining formula.

Low-viscosity, textile-grade dry silicone.

Textile-grade dry silicone lubricant spray.

Item Code: AMR1002077

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All-Purpose Silicone Spray Lubricant, Aerosol Can, 11oz, 12/Carton

Industrial-grade dry silicone lubricant spray.

Superior lubrication and protection.

Acts as an excellent water and weather barrier.

Misty® All-Purpose Silicone Spray Lubricant

Item Code: AMR1002092

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Chain & Cable Spray Lube, Aerosol Can, 12oz, 12/Carton

Fast-set and fantastic throw-off prevention properties.

Water- and acid-resistant.

Unique aerosol valve system.

Multipurpose metal lubricant spray.

Item Code: AMR1002162

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Penetrating Lubricant Spray, 19-oz. Aerosol Can

Misty® Penetrating Lubricant Spray

Four-in-one spray.

Misty® penetrating lubricant spray loosens, cleans, lubricates and stops corrosion.

Stops and prevents corrosion.

Item Code: AMR1002456

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Aerosol Moisture Guard, 15 oz Aerosol Can, 12/Carton

Provides protection for electrical components.

Water- and moisture-resistant.

Non-flammable moisture guard.

Designed to displace water and moisture from a variety of electrical components.

Item Code: AMR1002472

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NLGI #2 Red Grease, Tube, 14oz, 48/Carton

Withstands heavy shock load and impact pressures.

Extreme anti-wear additives.

Excellent adhesive and cohesive properties.

NLGI #2 red grease.

Item Code: AMR1003057

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Slip Shot II Multipurpose Spray Lubricant, Aerosol Can, 12oz, 12/Carton

Misty® Slip Shot II Multipurpose Spray Lubricant

Formulated for high-performance scenarios.

Multipurpose red-grease spray lubricant.

Penetrating, expanding, thickening liquid.

Item Code: AMR1003073

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Glide Silicone Lubricant, Unscented, 10 oz. Aerosol Can, 12/Carton

Provides all-around protection, lubrication and restoration.

Silicone lubricant for all-around protection, lubrication and restoration.

Reduces friction and squeaking.

Prevents the build-up of glue or grease.

Item Code: AMR1033570

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Si-Dry Silicone Spray Lubricant, Aerosol, 11oz, 12/Carton

Colorless, odorless and nonstaining.

Fan-spray pattern.

Misty® Si-Dry Silicone Spray Lubricant

Medium-viscosity food- and textile-industry formula.

Item Code: AMR1033585

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US Chemical Powerlube, 5 gal Pail

Eliminates down time for cleaning.

Cleans as it lubricates.

Minimizes the need for costly repairs.

Excellent lubricating ability.

Item Code: DVO057243

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Suma Mineral Oil Lubricant, 32oz Plastic Spray Bottle

Diversey Suma® Mineral Oil Lubricant

Reduces friction between moving parts.

Mineral oil lubricant.

Helps prevent rust.

Item Code: DVO48048

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Pistol-Grip Heavy-Duty Grease Gun

Follower is set for cartridge use.

LINCOLN® Pistol Grip Heavy-Duty Grease Gun 1134

Jam-proof handle return mechanism.

Rugged one piece head casting.

Item Code: LIC1134

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Heavy-Duty Lever-Action Grease Gun, 6" Extension, 7, 500 psi, 14.5oz Cartridge

Exclusive “Flip-Over" follower with heavy-duty spring.

Precision-fit, hardened plunger with jam-proof toggle mechanism..

Vent valve.

Variable-stroke, variable-pressure design.

Item Code: LIC1142

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Lever-Action Heavy-Duty Grease Gun

Variable stroke/variable pressure: short stroke-high pressure: long-stroke high volume.

Follower is set for cartridge use.

Comes with handle grip and vent valve for purging air from gun.

It's designed for rough treatment on the job with a cast iron pump head, precision fit plunger and extra heavy follower spring.

Item Code: LIC1148

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Zoom Spout Oiler, 4oz

Markal® Zoom Spout® Oiler 79704

Premium grade, all purpose, turbine grade lubricating oil.

Use on rotating and reciprocating equipment, bearings, motors, and slides.

Flexible zoom spout extends 7" for difficult to reach areas.

Item Code: MRK79704

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Plews & Edelmann

Lever-Action Grease Gun, 6" Extension, 6, 000psi, 14oz Cartridge

Durable aluminum construction.

Head-cap port.

Two-way loading.

Grease gun.

Item Code: PLE30200

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Plews & Edelmann

Lever-Action Grease Gun, Plated

Plated lever with comfortable oversized grip.

Air bleeder and bulk loader fitting for 3-way loading.

Variable/short stroke for easy use in confined areas.

Plews & Edelmann® Lever Action Grease Gun 30-465

Item Code: PLE30465

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Plews & Edelmann

Lever-Action Grease Gun

Plews & Edelmann® Lever Action Grease Gun 30-475

Variable/short stroke for easy use in confined areas.

Rugged fully zinc plated finish.

Dual port head cap with bulk loader for 3-way loading.

Item Code: PLE30475

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Super Lube

Synthetic Multipurpose Grease, 3oz Tube

Super Lube® Synthetic Multipurpose Grease

Long-lasting protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion.

Synthetic multipurpose grease.

Anti-run, -drip and evaporate formula.

Item Code: SUL21030

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3-IN-ONE Professional Silicone Lubricant, 4 oz Bottle

Silicone-based lubricant.

Quick-drying, no-mess formula.

Safe on metals, rubber, wood and vinyl.


Item Code: WDF120008

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