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Glass Cruet, 6 oz, Glass, Clear, Dozen

Adcraft® Glass Cruet

A staple for oil & vinegar

Glass Cruet

Fits into the SHR-2 rack

Item Code: ADCG600

Pack/UOM: DZ (Includes 12 cruets.)

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Creamer, Stainless Steel, 3 oz, Silver, 2/Pack

Stainless steel bell creamer.

Stainless steel creamer/server.

Premium quality.

Bright mirror finish.


Pack/UOM: PK (Includes one each.)

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Oil and Vinegar Cruet Rack, Holds Two 6 oz Square Cruets, Chrome Plated

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Rack

Holds 2 standard 6 oz square cruets

Comes with carrying handle

Chrome plated

Item Code: ADCSHR2

Pack/UOM: EA (Includes one each.)

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Insulated Beverage Servers, 20 oz, White, Plastic

Attractive design

Comes with orange, brown and green tag for decaf, regular and hot water

Adcraft® Insulated Beverage Servers

Break resistant stainless steel interior; polyurethane foam insulation

Item Code: ADCSP20WH

Pack/UOM: EA (Includes one each.)

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Beer Wagon Pitcher, 55oz, Clear, 6/Carton

Classic pub design.

Glass beer pitcher.

Drip-proof spout.

Heavy base.

Item Code: ANH1155UR

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes six pitchers.)

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Glass Carafe, 1/2 Liter, Clear, 12/Carton

Attractive and sturdy.

Carafe for use in beverage service.


Durable for extended use.

Item Code: ANH121UR

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes 12 per case.)

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Presence Glass Creamer, 11 oz, Clear, 4/Carton

Classic design and function.

Glass creamer server

Glass does not break down molecularly from everyday use.

A must-have addition to your foodservice glassware collection.

Item Code: ANH64191B

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes four creamers.)

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Presence Glass Cruet With Air-Tight Glass Stopper, 10 oz, Clear, 6/Carton

Ideal for serving dressing or oil in upscale surroundings.

Air-tight glass stopper.

Anchor® Presence Glass Cruet

Elegantly-styled glass cruet.

Item Code: ANH980R

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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64 oz. Easy Pour Decanter, Black Handle

Fast-pour lip.

BUNN exclusive design.

Insulated grip handle.

BUNN® 12-Cup Easy Pour Decanter for BUNN Coffee Makers

Item Code: BUN6100

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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64 oz. Easy Pour Decanter, Orange Handle

Stainless steel base, impact-resistant plastic top, drip-proof spout.

Insulated grip handle.

Fast-pour lip.

BUNN exclusive design.

Item Code: BUN6101

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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VersaPour Pitcher, 60oz, Clear

Ergonomic handle with thumb grip.

Carlisle VersaPour® Pitcher

Lightweight, break-resistant polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate pitcher.

Item Code: CFS554007

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Classic Water Filter Pitcher, 40 oz, 5 Cups

Sticker filter indicator for tracking when to change the water filter.

Classic pour-through pitcher with filter removes substances that can be harmful to health, without removing essential minerals.

Reduces chlorine taste and odor, zinc taste, copper, mercury and cadmium, often found in tap water.

Pitcher in compact size that maximizes space.

Item Code: CLO36089EA

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Glass Water Bottle with Wire Bail Lid, 33 7/8 oz, Clear Glass, 6/Carton

Firm, bail lid closure.

Excellent for upscale food service.

Glass bottle with wire bail lid.

Sturdy glass.

Item Code: LIB13150020

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Glass Beer Pitcher, 37 oz/1 Liter, Clear, 6/Carton

Handwashing and careful handling are recommended for maintenance.

Perfect dispenser for beer, juice and iced beverages.

Glass beer pitcher.

Libbey Glass Beer Pitcher

Item Code: LIB1792421

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes six pitchers)

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Cocktail Decanter, 8 1/2 oz, Clear, 12/Case, 3 Cases/Carton

Wide, circle-scored base.

Thick, high-quality glass.

Glass decanter.

Classic hourglass design.

Item Code: LIB719

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes three cases of 12 decanters each.)

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Wine Decanter, 33.8 oz, Clear, 12/Carton

Glass decanter.

Thick, high-quality glass.

Wide, circle-scored base.

Classic hourglass design.

Item Code: LIB97000

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes 12 decanters.)

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Coffee Pro

Unbreakable Regular Coffee Decanter, 12-Cup, Stainless Steel/Polycarbonate

Color-coded handle.

Standard 12-cup capacity.

Unbreakable coffee decanter for 12-cup coffeemaker.

Unbreakable stainless steel and polycarbonate construction.

Item Code: OGFCPU12

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Coffee Pro

Unbreakable Decaffeinated Coffee Decanter, 12-Cup, Stainless Steel/Polycarbonate

Standard 12-cup capacity.

Coffee Pro Unbreakable Coffee Decanter

Unbreakable stainless steel and polycarbonate construction.

Unbreakable coffee decanter for 12-cup coffeemaker.

Item Code: OGFCPU13

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Office Settings

Bistro Pitcher, 64 oz, Glass

Fits easily into the door shelf of most refrigerators.

Great for juices, iced tea and water and more!

Dishwasher safe.

Built-in stopper keeps drinks fresh and avoids spills.

Item Code: OSICGBP

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Office Settings

Glass Carafe, 1 Liter, Clear

BPA free.

Dishwasher safe.

Classic glass carafe.

Perfect for storing and serving beverages.

Item Code: OSICGCA

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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