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Floor Chisel, 3", Steel

Mayhew™ Floor Chisel

Heat-treated cutting edge.

Floor chisel.

Long handle for leverage.

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C.S. Osborne & Co.

Arch Punch, 1"

C.S. Osborne & Co. Arch Punches 149-1

Inside taper permits the punchings to clear easily through the barrel.

Punches have fully polished barrel and black enamel handle.

Additional sizes available upon request.

Item Code: OSB1491

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Long Aligning Punch

For lining up holes in flanges, assemblies, and for other mating parts and for removing long pins and shafts.

PROTO® Long Aligning Punch 155/8

Modified parabolic striking end for greater resistance to mushrooming and chipping.

Item Code: PTO1558

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Punch Pin, 1/8"

Modified parabolic striking end.

Two-piece design.

Heat-treated for strength and durability.

PROTO® Drive Pin Punches 475/16X1/8

Item Code: PTO47516X18

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