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Floor Chisel, 3", Steel

Heat-treated cutting edge.

Floor chisel.

Long handle for leverage.

Thin blade for tight spaces.

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C.S. Osborne & Co.

Arch Punch, 1"

Inside taper permits the punchings to clear easily through the barrel.

Additional sizes available upon request.

Punches have fully polished barrel and black enamel handle.

C.S. Osborne & Co. Arch Punches 149-1

Item Code: OSB1491

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Long Aligning Punch

PROTO® Long Aligning Punch 155/8

Modified parabolic striking end for greater resistance to mushrooming and chipping.

For lining up holes in flanges, assemblies, and for other mating parts and for removing long pins and shafts.

Item Code: PTO1558

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Punch and Chisel Holder, 8 1/2"

Secures tool, reducing risk of injury.

Contoured four-sided handle minimizes grip fatigue.

Punch and chisel holder.

Allows pinpoint accuracy for centering.

Item Code: PTO2108

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Punch Pin, 1/8"

Heat-treated for strength and durability.

Two-piece design.

PROTO® Drive Pin Punches 475/16X1/8

Modified parabolic striking end.

Item Code: PTO47516X18

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7-Piece Super-Duty Drive Pin Punch Set

1 piece design.

Shock resistant tool steel.

Hand ground cutting edge.

Hardened, quenched, and tempered to precise specifications.

Item Code: PTO48007

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