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Fuel Cartridge Butane, 2-4 Hour Setting, 8 oz Refill

Universal cartridge fits most butane stoves

Odorant added for scent detection.

Notched collar locks cartridge into place.

Butane fuel cartridge for portable butane stoves.

Item Code: FHCF300

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes 28 8-oz. butane fuel cartridges per case.)

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Butane Fuel Can, 7-4/5oz, 12/Carton

UL recognized.

Iwatani Butane Fuel Can

High quality butane.

Butane fuel can.

Item Code: IWIBU6

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes 12 7-4/5 oz. cans per case.)

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Cooking Torch, 2/5 lb, 150 Minute Burn

For professional use only.

Cooking torch for professional use.

Delivers a strong flame for a dish that requires a quick flame torch-up.

Adjustable air intake allows you to concentrate the flame for precision charring or to dull it for an even browning.


Pack/UOM: EA (Includes one cooking torch burner.)

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Butane Gas Match Lighter, 2 oz

Economical, all-purpose, easy-to-use and disposable lighter.

Disposable butane gas lighter.

Perfect for any situation requiring a match.

Equipped with a child-safety lock and adjustable flame.

Item Code: IWIGM5

Pack/UOM: EA (Includes one butane lighter gas match.)

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Cassette-Fue Portable Butane Stove, Piezoelectric Ignition,12,000 BTU, 11x14x4.3

Piezoelectric ignition for easy, and consistent matchless lighting.

Automatic safety device ensures safe operation.

Plastic carrying case for easy portability and storage; ideal to take on camping trips or to the big game.

Iwatani Cassette-Feu Portable Butane Stove

Item Code: IWIZA3HP

Pack/UOM: EA (Includes one portable butane stove with case.)

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